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attic-insulation-boynton-beachOur spray foam insulation services are most commonly used for attic insulation. If you’ve ever spent time in your attic during the summer, you are well aware of how hot it can be up there. Blown In  Insulation will prevent the interior of your home from being impacted by the heat, keeping you comfortable and reducing your energy expenditures. This is the rationale behind the widespread popularity of blown-in attic insulation in Boynton Beach and the rest of the country.

Spray foam insulation is the best kind of insulation for attics since the polymer has been enhanced over time to be effective and long-lasting.

Your home will benefit from having blown-in attic insulation installed because doing so will cut your winter heating costs and your summer air conditioning costs significantly. Attic insulation with a blower will help bring any extreme temperature down.

Although spray foam insulation may cost more, paper faced insulation is now generally discouraged. Rot and/or rodent damage will cause the paper to deteriorate over time. This problem won’t occur with spray foam insulation because there isn’t any paper involved. Rather than being sprayed, insulation with a paper face is frequently rolled. This suggests that it might not quite fit into all the cracks in your attic.

Although you can use spray foam insulation to insulate your attic on your own, we strongly advise against it. It’s not only a hot and humid job, so you’ll want to do it well. When you’re sweating and working hard up in the attic, you might be tempted to take a few shortcuts to just finish the task. If you unintentionally or deliberately miss a section while moving swiftly across it, the insulation won’t be as effective. Consequently, you might not wind yourself saving as much money over time as you would if you had employed a skilled insulation contractor to conduct the job in the first place.

It’s possible that your attic is over-insulated. If you have never done it before, you can add too much and cause mould to grow. Furthermore, it is not required. More insulation won’t, beyond a certain point, continue to prevent heat from being trapped.

Our insulation contractors will also take out any aged insulation from the attic for your convenience. It is highly recommended that you replace your aging fibreglass insulation with cellulose spray foam insulation.

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