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insulation-removal-boynton-beachRemoval of blown-in insulation could be challenging. If you’ve looked into doing it yourself, you might be tempted to Google “what’s the fastest way to remove insulation.” But be careful! Sometimes the easiest answer isn’t the best. We strongly advise calling professional insulation contractors like ourselves to perform the work rather than attempting to remove the insulation yourself if you want to avoid a sweaty, long weekend.

Using a strong suction with a long hose that has a broad diameter at one end is the best way for removing insulation. A hose-end diameter of at least 6 inches and a vacuum of at least 23 horsepower are needed. It’s a big, powerful vacuum.

At Eco Top Spray Foam Insulation, we only use the best, most advanced technology. We consequently always have the best vacuum in Boynton Beach for removing any kind of insulation. We’re capable of:

If you have a unique or unusual circumstance that isn’t mentioned above, call us; we’d be pleased to discuss it in greater detail. We have experience with almost any kind of insulation removal project you can imagine. We replaced the attic insulation with our updated spray foam insulation. We have worked with mouldy, wet environments. We have coped with difficult circumstances and more. We’ve probably already completed whatever it is. If not, we’re always open to experimenting!
Insulation cannot be removed using a standard shop vac. These kinds of queries are common. It is necessary to use a strong vacuum, like the one previously mentioned.
The average time it takes our team to remove the insulation from your attic or crawl space is 4 to 6 hours. If you try to do it yourself and are particularly persistent, you’ll probably need the entire weekend to finish the job.
In the event that your insulation is extremely dated or mouldy, you and your family may be at danger for health issues. It’s possible for old fibreglass insulation to degrade over time, especially if it’s exposed to damp often. Spray foam insulation, which we suggest, will last for decades. Spray foam insulation has a 20-year lifespan even in the worst conditions, and in rare cases, it can last up to 100 years. It’s a good investment that probably won’t need to be replaced.
If you think you might profit from our experienced insulation removal service in Boynton Beach, give us a call right away. We offer free estimates for all of our services, and we serve the whole Palm Beach County. Call right away to begin!

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